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405 Units of SAIC Maxus Vehicle Shipped to South America
Apr 19, 2022

405 Units of SAIC Maxus Vehicle Shipped to South America

On April 8, 2022, a Roll-Roll vessel carrying 405 units Maxus vehicles left Lianyungang port on schedule and headed for the other side of the Pacific. That was the company's second massive shipment to Chile and the 14th batch delivered to overseas markets within the year. 


Over the previous week, our team for South America markets had been making concerted efforts to ensure timely shipment. On one hand, we kept coordinating with key components suppliers and the vehicle manufacturer to bring the vehicles off-line in time. On the other, we kept our eye on the pandemic situation in Shanghai and other nearby port cities, devising various delivery plans accordingly. 


After comparing the distance, time and cost of different delivery routes as well as the shipping space, shipping schedule and arrival time of different shipping companies, we finally decided to shift the shipment from Shanghai to Lianyungang, another port city in Jiangsu province. 


However, the pandemic prevention and control measures brought great inconvenience to vehicle transportation and port entry. We kept communicating and coordinating with different parties — shipping company and the forwarder, local disease prevention and control department, the port and the transportation team. After 6 consecutive testing days and nights, we finally managed to deliver all 405 vehicles into the port and completed the whole export procedure in time. 


This year, we have strengthened cooperation with our partners, such as vehicle manufacturers, domestic logistic suppliers and international shipping companies, and overcome the adverse effects of supply disruption of chips, labor shortages, outbreak of Covid-19, etc. Through these efforts, we are encouraged to see that our distributors’ orders have been delivered timely and we are playing our own role in carrying out the globalization strategy of our group.

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